The aggregate / chip spreader is used to distribute aggregate evenly over the thin layer of bitumen sprayed by the bitumen distributor. The application require aggregate spreaders to be self-propelled, continuous feed feature and free flowing.

It is installed at the rear side board of tipper, takes supplies from the tipper and spread the aggregate as per the rate and application.

The spreader distributes aggregate at a uniform rate over the entire width and length of the area being sealed. It not only uniformly spread, it also spread the correct quantity of aggregate.


Road Marking Machine, Model LRMM - 300 with Rotor type Glass Bead System, (Air Jacketed) Operator Propelled and Thermoplastic Pre-Heater, MODEL LTP - 300PH.

• 100 Kg Tank capacity removable inter changeable air jacketed Stainless Steel tank with Manual agitator.
• Body Frame constructed out of Mild steel rigid tubular section
• Equipped with 10 cm screed box & 15 cm screed box constructed out of heat-treated M.S. metal.
• Provided with rotating knob for ease in thickness adjustment.
• Separate 10 cm & 15 cm cast Aluminum positive dispensing of glass bead spraying mechanis mactivates with the movement of machine & also provided liver adjustment for glass bead flow.
• Easy settings adjustment for sharp fine edge markings. Rear Wheel Auto Lock for straight & fine alignment of markings.
• Bimetal Temperature Gauge for paint temperature.
• Tool Box for tool kit & storage etc.
• All LPG Burners, torch, valves, Adaptors etc. attached are of high standard available in heating industries & all other standard attachments.
• Glass Bead Container With indicator for glass storage: 10 Kg Capacity Rotor Type positive dispensing of Bead Spraying Mechanism.
• Heating System: LPG Supply to burners.
• Battery: 12 W Battery with Inter changeable System, Safety Traffic Lamp

• Designed for Continuous Operation.
• Tank Capacity: 350 Kgs. Fabricated from Stainless Steel 304 Material
• This will feed the thermoplastic to the Road Marking Machine (Applicator) for its continuous and breakfree operation.
• LPG heating system through heavy duty, high pressure burner of best quality available in industry.
• Thermal fluid Heated (Oil jacked) on Mid Steel.
• Mini Truck or Tempo mounted unit with material transfer funnel to Road Marking Machine (Applicator).
• Separate Temperature gauge for Material and Heating Oil.
• Capable to feed our 2 Nos. of Road Marking Machine
• High Quality LPG connection to all burners and HandTorch.
• 5 HP Air Cooled Engine Kirloskar Engine.
• 3” - 15 : 1 Elecon Gearbox for Agitation of materials inside Tank.

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