This is highly compact and fully automatic plant which ranges from 20 m³/hr to 60 m³/hr capacity. Entire plant is mounted on one single skid with exception of cement hopper and control cabin fitted with PLC based control panel which is separately placed.

Working: Four number split bins are provided for storage of aggregate and sand. Pneumatically operated gates are provided on bins for precise discharge of aggregate and sand on weighing and charging conveyor (Same conveyor), which is suspended on four number load cells. Cement is conveyed to cement weighing hopper by means of screw conveyor. Load Cell are on weighing hopper and jar for measuring the quantity of cement, water and additives. All the raw materials strictly as per mix recipe are fed in a Pan mixer for homogeneous mixing. Mix concrete is directly discharged in transit mixer. This plant can be erected and put in operations in a day’s time – which make this plant very unique in its segment.

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity
LCCP - 20 20 M³/Hr
LCCP - 25 25 M³/Hr
LCCP - 30 30 M³/Hr
LCCP - 45 45 M³/Hr
LCCP - 60 60 M³/Hr

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