The Mechanical / Hydraulic Road Broomer (Road Sweeper) are for cleaning of surface before application of tack coat or laying of new hot mix asphalt but also capable to cleaning the existing roads.


A tractor mounted Road Broomer is a cleaning machine towed behind tractor having hydraulic mechanism. This primary application of the machine was to clean the wet mix surface before paving asphalt on roads but now it is widely used for cleaning commercial, public and private places at a large. The rotating wire bristles served as brooms which sweeps and collect the dirt, debris, trash on Highway, Parking Lots, Factory and other paved and unpaved surfaces. The side brush makes efficient cleaning of the corners, and easy replacement if the brush makes it versatile for application on difference surfaces.


The main components of Road Broomer is hydraulic motor, wire bristles, water sprinkling pump, Water spraying nozzles, water tank, side broom.

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