LAL'S Paver Finisher is designed to lay of wet mix and bituminous mix (Dual Application) material up to 200 mm thickness. The maximum traveling speed is 16 km/hr. for shifting from one site to another. All controls are conveniently grouped together for easy operations. Hopper and screed assembly are raised by the hydraulic cylinders. The hopper capacity is about 4 cu. meter Hydraulically lifted hoppers ensure complete emptying and continuous feeding of mix to mechanically driven conveyor chain while changing fee tippers. Screed is provided for a high degree of compaction with the variable working frequency stroke corresponding with R.P.M.

The foot-operated brake is actuated by pneumatic pullers. At the front, the frame has an oscillation cross member with push roller which pivots around a central vertical point, thus ensuring that the Paver finisher travels straight forward even if the supply vehicle is not in perfect alignment with the machine when filling the hopper. Particular attention has been given to the design to ensure the earliest possible maintenance and adjustment of transmission and final drive to screed and driving wheels. Each adjustment is made independently of the other. The entire screed assembly can be readily removed from the Paver for cleaning and servicing.

Technical Specifications
Model Application
LSP - 5500 Sensor Paver (Multi Application) with Paving Width up to 2.5 mtrs. to 5.5 mtrs.
LWP - 4500
(Hyd. Ext. Screed)
Hydrostatic Asphalt / Wet Mix Paver Finisher (Dual Application) with Paving Width from 2.5 mtrs. to 4.5 mtrs.
LAP - 4500
(Hyd. Ext. Screed)
Hydrostatic Asphalt Mix Paver Finisher (Single Application) with Paving Width from 2.5 mtrs. to 4.5 mtrs.

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