A. Generators for High Frequency Vibrators

Standard Features
· Suitable to work with all type of high frequency vibrators 42V-200 Hz
· Available with Honda (Petro) or Lombardini (Diesel) - 2.5 KVA and 5 KVA
· Sturdy and unique design ensures maintenance-free use for longer run
· Double insulated and thermal protected

B. High-Frequency Electric Converters

Standard Features:
· Exclusive range from 1 KVA to 5 KVA
· Special aluminum extrusion casing with protection frame
· Compatible with any make of High-Frequency vibrators
· H class winding (180°); alternator with permanent synthesized magnets
· All models come with 10 m cable
· Easy to transport and flexible to operate during concreting applications on the job site
· Electrically isolated Motor and generator for safer operation
. The stable construction and the splash water protection (IP 44) make the converter ideal for harsh job site applications:
· Top of Form
· Bottom of Form

C. High Frequency Eccentric Vibrators

Standard Features:
· HV series High Frequency vibrators can be operated with HF Electric series, TR series Electronic or GT series Engine driven electric converters
· High torque, constant speed electric motor suitable for all type of concrete jobs
· Special thermoplastic material used for switch housing box
· Special rubber hose - water and oil resistant
· Hardened end-cap
· Spiral wiring available in all pokers
· Vibrators are compatible with any make converter
· All vibrators equipped with thermal circuit breakers that prevent the motor from being damaged due to overheating
· Heavy-duty roller bearings oil-bath lubricated for high performance and longer life Optional Features
· Hose lengths extension up to 10 meters.
· Rubber head for all diameters.

D. High Frequency Vibrator with Integrated Electronic Converters

Standard Features:
· No need of separate converter
· Safe, durable and easy to handle Vibrators with thermal protection
· The Electronic converter assures good vibration, stability in frequency and reliability of vibrations
· Resistant to short circuit, over heating, over voltage and under voltage
· Useful for all types of concrete jobs, long term use, and maintenance free
· Earthing required

E. Eccentric Weight Flexible Shaft Needle Vibrators

Standard Features:
· Eccentric shaft vibrators
· Power transmission shaft : length available 2 m, 4 m & 6 m
· Needle vibrators available in different diameters
· 25 mm - 38 mm - 50 mm - 60 mm
· Quick disconnect coupler for easy assembly and dismantle
· Best suitable to work on any type of concrete
Optional :
· Poker vibrator also available with rubber tip

F. Drive Unit for Flexible Shaft Needle Vibrators

Standard Features:
· Drive unit : Durable, High performance drive unit (2300W / 3 HP) with double insulation
· Light weight, shock resistant and easy to operate
· Shoulder strap to mount on shoulders for easy handling

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