Our Bitumen Decanter is the latest decanting machine that embraces the latest advanced technology.

Key Features:

1. It is a Continuous type of machine.
2. Wide range of plants available with different qualities.
3. Melt Bitumen indirectly by thermal energy so that Quality of bitumen remains the same.
4. Pollution-free system.
5. Hydraulic System for easy Drum Loading so it saves time for drum loading /unloading against of Batch type System.
6. Most Economical way of melting Drummed bitumen due to the latest fuel consumption & minimum labor requirement per ton.
7. Unskilled labor also runs easily this machine.

How to Work:

1. Insert Drums one by one in the chamber through Hydraulic lifters.
2. Thermic Oil circulates in seamless coils that are fitted in the chamber is heat the bitumen and melted bitumen collect bottom of the chamber (reservoir).
3. Empty drums are left automatically from the backside of Decanter.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (In TPH) 5 - 6 4 - 5
Bitumen Reservoir (In TONS) 13 11
Thermic Oil Heater Capacity (In Kcal/Hr.) 5,00,000 5,00,000
Total Electrical Power (In KW) 20 25

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