In our present world, we see concrete everywhere, it is one of the most widely used construction materials. Concrete is being utilized in almost all type of construction of buildings roads, bridges, plate forms, foundations, canals, columns, beams, slabs, and different load-bearing components.

Looking at the bigger opportunity, we at LAL’S geared up and added Concrete Batching Plants of various capacities and configuration. Customer's having large scale projects and specialized concrete requirement can choose from our Stationary Concrete Batching Plants / In Line Series, whereas for real state sector and small projects one has an option of choosing from Compact / Portable or Mobile Concrete Plants.

It comes in capacities ranging from 30 m³/hr to 120 m³/hr production rate. We also make plants of higher capacities on specific requirements.

Working: These plants have inline storage bins (4/5 Nos.) for aggregate and sand. The weighing of aggregate and sand is done on conveyor belt (Weighing Conveyor) which is suspended on four load cells and is fed in the Pan / Twin Shaft / Planetary Mixer as the case may be, batch by batch through inclined belt conveyor. Load Cell is provided in weighing hopper & weighing Jar for additive for feeding exact amount of cement, water and additive in mixer strictly as per mix design. Mix concrete can be directly discharged into transit mixers.

Our Stationary Concrete Plant consists of the following units:
1. Inline Storage Bins (for aggregate storage).
2. Aggregate Weighing Conveyor (Unit where the aggregate weighed precisely under the aggregate bunker).
3. Inclined Belt Conveyor or Aggregate Transfer Bucket (Unit that carries the weighed aggregate to the mixer).
4. Cement Silo (unit where cement is stored. Bigger capacity Silo are available as per the client’s choice and requirement).
5. Cement Screw (unit that carries the cement from the cement silo to the cement scale).
6. Cement -Water-Additive Scales (units where cement, water and additive are weighed).
7. Pan / Twin Shaft / Planetary Mixer (for homogeneous mixing of material).
8. Main Chassis (The unit containing the mixer, cement-water-additive scales, has carrier legs under which a transit mixer will enter.).
9. Control Cabinet and Computerized Fully Automatic Control System (Concrete is produced automatically according to the concrete recipes entered the system).
10. Air Compressor and Pneumatic Equipment (Produces compressed air required for the operation of the facility)

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity
LSCP - 30 30 M³/Hr
LSCP - 45 45 M³/Hr
LSCP - 60 60 M³/Hr
LSCP - 75 75 M³/Hr
LSCP - 90 90 M³/Hr
LSCP - 120 120 M³/Hr

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