The Wet Mix Macadam Plant having provision for classifying mix recipe using aggregate of different sizes in the required proportion, addition of specified quantity of water, addition of specified quantity of other ingredients like lime, stone dust or cement and forced / positive mixing of all the inpatients to produce a homogenous mix. This wet mix macadam is a sub base and base for asphalt or concrete roads and it’s rolled to a dense mass on a prepared surface for removing air gaps and prevent from pot holes after finished layer. The production of wet mix demands the combination of a number of aggregates, sand and a filler (such as stone dust, cement, lime, etc.), in the correct proportions, and mixed with water which is a solutions for Soil Remediation, Stabilization and Additive Applications.


Our wet mix plant comes complete in all respect including cold aggregate bins, oversize aggregate removal screen, slinger conveyor or feeding conveyor, pug mill type mixing unit, water tank and metering system, filler supply system, mix load out conveyor with gob hopper, user friendly and centralized control panel for ease of operation fitted in weather proof cabin.

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity
LWMX - 60 60 TPH
LWMX - 100 100 TPH
LWMX - 160 160 TPH
LWMX - 200 200 TPH

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